Build to Print

Mikan can serve all your carbide and steel tooling needs for bolt manufacturing

  • Heading Dies
  • Hammers
  • Quills
  • Trim Dies


If your design demands it, we will machine it. We have experience machining a wide variety of carbides and steels. We work with our suppliers to get you the right materials at competitive prices to ensure high quality, affordable dies and tools.

EDM and Engraving

For hammers and heading dies that require EDM or engraving, we work closely with Fastar EDM, who also are our neighbors. Being this close in distance and cooperation means these processes can be completed quickly and reliably.

Design Expertise

We’ve seen it all, and can recommend best practices that have been utilized by premier bolt manufacturers. Let us share our experience with you. Have a question about materials or design of a die? Contact us today.