When fast and reliable delivery is imperative to keep production running, bolt manufacturers rely on Mikan Die & Tool for quality dies and a team personally committed to their companies success.

Quick Delivery

Mikan will quote, manufacture, and deliver your most rushed orders. We know you cannot afford to wait on the long lead times of our competitors. Our nimble size and experienced machinists allow us to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Strong Customer Relationships

From the beginning, Mikan Die & Tool has focused on building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with customers. You can speak directly with our experienced team and learn exactly how we can accommodate your needs and requirements from manufacturing to product delivery and beyond.

Quality Products

Mikan’s heading dies and tooling support many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical, so quality is imperative. Our machinists work with you to ensure our dies will meet all your tolerances, material properties, and quality standards.